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Often times we walk around in life experiencing various degrees of “feeling unwell” without any recognition of the fact that we are actually living in a state of imbalance, and don’t have a clue that we are the ones creating the imbalances. I have lived with various stages of pain and “unwellness” since early childhood, and understand the feelings and emotions that accompany dis-ease, and disease. Anxiety was present at the age of two, and severe debilitating stomach aches began at the age of seven. In 1980 I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Colitis. In 1982 Fibromyalgia became a part of my life and six years later Clinical Depression accompanied by severe, chronic, Anxiety/Panic Disorder became the essence of my every day reality. (My anxiety attacks began at the age of twenty-seven). Sjogren’s Syndrome, Irritable Bladder, and early stages of Lupus ultimately followed in close proximity as my chemically imbalanced immune system became progressively more compromised and all my cellular systems began shutting down. My only son was diagnosed with Cancer, and I became a care-giver for an elderly, very ill, and dying parent.

If you were to ask me, “What can I offer you that is different from everything else that is out there”? My response would be: “I can teach you the beautiful, magnificent truths of healing that I have learned, and what I know works, because I have done it, and I am just like you. I am no different”.  I understand the underlying cause of dis-ease and disease. I have acquired volumes of self-knowledge accumulated over many years of living with my various levels of dis-ease and disease combined with eighteen years of personal research and study in search of the truth about healing. The most profoundly enlightening period of time for me was five intense years of immersion in Spiritual Philosophy Teachings taught as the Science of Life by Kathy Oddenino that has earned me certification as a Spiritual Philosophy Practitioner. I am teaching Spiritual Philosophy, and I am established in a practice of Spiritual Tutoring and Neural Depolarization energy balancing.

The integration of all that I have learned, and continue to learn, combined with the truth of my own actualization of self-healing provides a solid foundation in total integrity of the truths I have learned and am now committed to teaching others who want to learn how to create their life free of pain and disease.

An abundance of self-healing is possible when we have the appropriate knowledge of how to do it and choose to actualize it. We can restore the integrity of our cellular structure and function of mind and body using an integration of the Basics of Internal Spiritual Healing Therapies. We can effectively remove pain with Neural Depolarization Energy Balancing as we assist in the balancing of the internal chemical electromagnetic energy within the body and the mind. NDP helps to support the changes we initiate using self-healing techniques specific to this spiritual philosophy.

Choose to be healthy and it will become your own self-fulfilling prophecy. I would love to assist you in your focus of self-healing. It is very real, totally possible, and a loving gift to yourself. Your health IS your Life and it is very precious.

 Additional Notes:

Linda has written several articles and poems for YOUR HEALTH Magazine, American Whole Health Newsletter, the Newsletter for the Institute of Metaphysical Studies, and has participated in a live interview relative to healing for an Ohio television network. She has been interviewed and quoted in an article about healing written by the Washington Post, and is currently writing a book about the healing of her diseases. 

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